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06 Jan
  • Amanda Logan
Korean Evodia ( Tetreadium Danielli ) or Bee Bee Tree

     In August we made a post on social media asking the community what tree they thought it was based on a set of pictures that are attached at the bottom of this tree blog. We only had one customer guess right! If you missed it, it was the Korean Evodia Tree. Also known as the Tetradium Danielli or Bee-Bee Tree. So we thought, let’s kick off the new year by learning about this tree!

     Korean Evodia is an ornamental tree from Northern China, Tibet, and Korea. It is a deciduous tree and can either be male or female. These trees are invasive here in our neighborhoods, just like the Tree of Heaven those pesky Spotted Lanternflies love. Usually growing to be about 25 feet, but some may get to 30 feet. While they prefer full sun, they thrive in moist, fertile soil that drains well.

     Fun fact, since Bee Bee Trees are  part of the Rutacea family, or rue or citrus family, their leaves smell citrusy when crushed. Evodias have pinnately compound leaves with one being on top and the others are set opposite of each other with 5-9 oblong dark green leaflets. Its bark is smooth and silvery like a Beech Tree, but branches and has different leaves. Their canopies grow broad, spreading, and in a domed crown with a short trunk.

     Like all Rutacea Trees, Evodias are flowering trees. Small, white, fragrant flower clusters begin to bloom in July and last through August. Many trees bloom in spring or early summer, which makes Evodias  great  for attracting pollinators during late summer. Nectar from bees that collect from Bee Bee Trees tastes very fruity. Beekeepers love planting these trees for their busy pollinators. 

     Flower clusters turn into reddish-purple, fleshy pods that contain 2 black seeds. These pods can be found on the tree from late August through November. Birds are highly attracted to these pods and seeds. Come fall, the Evodia may lose their leaves before other trees while still green. Leaves that do stay into the turning season of foliage may turn slightly yellow.

     If  you’re looking to have your Evodia tree pruned or trimming or if you are in need of tree removal services in Bucks County, visit our website at http://ricksexperttreeservice.com/contact-us/ or call 215-785-2168 to request a free quote.