03 Oct
  • jodiehorger
Have YOU Spotted Lanternfly Egg Masses?


Did you know Spotted Lanternflies are laying their eggs now?  The adult Lanternfly lays eggs from September to December. Visit www.RicksEXPERTTreeService.com for more info!

What to look for – Spotted lanternfly egg masses look like unevenly spread mortar smeared on almost any outdoor surface. The egg masses contain 30-50 eggs and are protected with a mud-like covering, giving them their grey color and cracked-mortar appearance. When the egg masses are first laid, they can resemble a light grey putty and can be shiny in appearance.  Over a few weeks time, they will harden and start to crack.

Where do they lay their eggs? – They will lay egg masses not only on tree bark, but on any smooth surface.

What to do if you find egg masses – Scrape them off the tree or smooth surface, double bag them, and throw them in the trash or place the eggs in alcohol or hand sanitizer to kill them.

Should you report a Spotted Lanternfly sighting? – YES!!! All sightings of Spotted Lanternflies, in any stage, should be reported. Please call 1-888-4BAD-FLY (1-888-422-3359)

 ~Nichole Long

Spotted Lanternfly Egg Mass

Photo Credit: Penn State Extension, E. Swackhamer.


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