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The World’s Oldest Trees

#RicksTreeJoke of the Month:

What local musical group is preferred by trees across Philadelphia?

-The Roots


Jokes aside, if you are on the Rick’s Expert Tree Service website you’ve probably already seen all of the services we provide, so this month we will BRANCH out and give you some fresh material regarding four of the world’s oldest living trees.


  • Unnamed – In White Mountains, California, there is a Great Basin Bristlecone Pine determined to be 5,065 years old by Tom Harlan. This mystery tree is standing its ground century after century. When asked what the secret to aging so gracefully is, the tree responded: “SPF 50.” [That is a joke. Trees do not talk (to me at least)].

  • Gran Abuelo – This Patagonian cypress resides in Chile and is located within Alerce Costero National Park. Gran Abuelo has seen it all in the last 3,645 years. Although we are not quite that seasoned, Rick’s Expert Tree Service has over 20 years of experiencing servicing Bucks County. We specialize in New Hope tree removal, but don’t tell the trees that!

  • The President – This big guy resides in Sierra Nevada, California. He’s a giant sequoia located in the appropriately named Giant Forest of Sequoia National Park.
    Age – 3,200 years / Height – 247 feet / Circumference at ground – 93 feet

  • CB-90-11 – This Rocky Mountain Bristlecone Pine tree [Pinus aristata] is 2,458 years old and resides in Colorado. CB stands by his slogan that “age is only a number.”

Rick’s Expert Tree Service has been around a while, but we are not old. We are ORIGINAL. We are experienced.


Customer service is paramount to us. That’s why we do not require a down payment or make you sign a contract. Our work speaks for itself. We don’t get paid until the job is 100% complete. We offer incredible tree service in Yardley, Morrisville, Bensalem, Langhorne, and beyond! From New Hope tree removal to stump grinding and shrub pruning in Newtown, we pride ourselves on being the premier Bucks County tree company! Thanks for reading. Enjoy your day.


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