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Why Winter is a Great Time to Schedule Tree Service

Winter is the opportune time to schedule tree care services, or have a certified and professionally trained arborist to inspect your trees and landscape.


Well, dormant trees are easier to work on, and arborists can spot problems faster and easier.

In fact, if you are considering holding off until the spring to schedule tree care service, we suggest that you consider the following:

It is no secret that healthy trees will be able to outlast the winter storms over older and/or diseased trees.

The first thing to check before the winter season even begins is the health of your trees. Some things that you—and especially an arborist—will check include their branches, roots, and trunks, as well as if there are any pests or insects present. If any of these things is found, the stability of your tree could be questionable. Therefore, to ensure that your tree remains free of any defects, the arborist might suggest that your trees be pruned and that any dead branches be removed, etc.

That healthy tree that you see in the spring is often one that receives regular maintenance.

Tree pruning (which is the removal of dead parts of a tree or other parts of the tree to control growth) can have an effect on how well your tree stands up to a winter storm. What’s more, having some pruning done to the top of the tree (its canopy) can reduce the amount of damage the wind will have on its trunk and branches. In general, pruning means that you are removing dead parts of the tree (often branches)—things that can break easily and cause damage to the tree itself or the rest of your yard. Last, but not least, proper pruning will enhance the function and beauty of your trees when it gets warm outside once again!

To help prevent your trees from causing damage to your property, a neighbor’s property, or to help them grow to their fullest potential in the spring, you can schedule to have an arborist come out to your home and inspect your trees during the winter.

To learn more about winter tree care maintenance, please reach out to us at any time as we are open all year round!

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