Tree Removal Service Stump
21 Feb
  • Amanda Logan
Tree Service: Tree Removal Options

Every tree removal job does not require the same plan of action, equipment, or skill to tackle the job. Customers have different reasons for why they might want to remove a tree.The tree could be dead or dying. It could be dangerous to your home, property, cars, or pedestrians. Trees could have fallen or been damaged by storms. Another possibility is that it’s diseased. You might even want the tree removed because it’s in the way or it’s over crowding other trees or plants.

Removing a tree can be dangerous. It should always be done by an experienced, professionally trained, certified arborist. When you request an estimate on a tree removal job, one of our arborists will come out to your property to evaluate the tree work and provide a free quote. We have the experience and equipment to do the job safely and efficiently for you. When the tree removal job is complete, you can be assured your property will be cleaned up and left as it was before we started.

The customer has a few different options when it comes to removing the tree. Below is a list of your options with explanations:

Remove Tree, Cut Stump Low: We will cut the tree down, remove all wood and chip up all debris. After the tree is down, we will cut the stump as close as possible to the soil grade.

Remove Tree, Grind Stump: We will cut the tree down, remove all wood and chip up all debris. Then our stump crew will come grind out your stump and surrounding roots 6-12 inches below the soil. You will have the choice of having us rake the stump grindings back into the hole or having us come out to remove the mulch, soil, and seed for grass for an extra fee.

Remove Tree, Leave Wood: We will cut down your tree, chip up all branches, and leave any limbs that are too small for firewood. We will cut any logs into 16-18 inch long sections and stack them for the customer. Finally, have the choice of having the stump cut low or grinding the stump out.

Our yard is located in Lower Bucks County in Bensalem, PA. We service Bucks County, including Langhorne, Newtown, Yardley, Southampton, Warminster, Levittown, and more, along with Philadelphia and the surrounding areas.Call our office today at 215-785-2168 or email us at to receive a free quote for your tree removal service. We are fully licensed, insured, and certified. Are tree working crews are expertly trained and have top of the line gear and equipment to handle any size tree removal service you may need. Have no worries that the job will get done with our no payment until the job is complete incentive, meaning no deposits before the work begins. Ask about our senior, military, and first responder discount.