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13 Mar
  • jodiehorger
What to Do If a Tree Falls in Your Yard

The sky swiftly switched from bright and sunny to black and cloudy within seconds. The dark clouds quickly sprawled across the sky as low crackles of thunder could be heard from a distance. Silence was suddenly replaced with heavy winds as the downpour commenced. As the thick rain continues to pound your home, the howling winds increase and the tree in your backyard dangerously begins to sway back and forth before finally caving in.


So what now?

Good thing we at Rick’s Expert Tree Service are here to help with your tree removal in Huntington Valley, PA, and surrounding areas. Our crew has decades worth of experience handling cranes to ensure the job is handled correctly and efficiently. Here are a couple things you should know if you have a fallen tree in your background.

  • If a tree falls and lands on your property, causing structural damage, your homeowners insurance should aid you with the cost of removing the tree and repairing the wreckage.
  • If you notice that the fallen tree hasn’t caused any damage, you may not be covered by your homeowners insurance and might be forced to pay for the removal of the tree out of pocket.
  • If the tree falls into the street, check in with your city or municipality to determine who is ultimately responsible for removing the tree. If the city takes it, they may only remove the portion that’s in the street and you’d have to take care of everything else. Your insurance may help if there’s any structural damage.
  • Let’s say a tree caused structural damage, but it didn’t come from your yard. Your homeowners insurance may still be able to help you out despite it not being your tree. It depends on the circumstances. For example, if it’s determined that the neighbor was  inattentive and neglectful about the handling of his tree, you may get reimbursed.
  • Your car insurance and not your homeowners would likely cover the costs of damage if the tree fell on your car. You may, however, have to cover the costs of removing the tree from the top of your car.

Providing excellent tree services in Warminster, PA, and surrounding areas, interested parties are encouraged to visit our website or call 215-785-2168. Free estimates are also available to those in need.

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