01 Jun
  • jodiehorger
Remove Unwanted Tree Stumps from Your Yard

If you have a large, unsightly tree stump hanging around your yard, you might think that there are no options strong enough to remove it. However, our tree removal experts in the Philadelphia, PA area know that with a little planning, the right technique, and some elbow grease, even the toughest of stumps can be removed quickly and safely.

The first thing you need to know about stump removal is that the best course of action is usually to call a professional. Tree stumps in our yards can be a huge eyesore, so it can be tempting to try and rip them out of the ground ourselves.

However, removing a tree stump isn’t as simple as grabbing a shovel and going to town on it- you would have to educate yourself on the best course of action depending on the type of stump and purchase costly equipment.

Additionally, the time spent on removing the stump could be better spent on other household projects, making the tree stump removing more of a time sink than a financial one. Together, these factors can make the cost of removing a stump much higher than if you would have hired a professional.

By turning to us for your tree services in Philadelphia, PA, you will receive the results you are seeking. Hiring a professional is a one-time expense, and will equal out to less than you would spend purchasing the needed equipment to remove the stump, plus you can spend the time you would have used on research and removing the stump to enjoy yourself. Additionally, our professionals have experience removing stumps and other types of tree debris, so they can get the job done quickly and with less of a chance of injury.

If you have a stump that needs to be removed, we encourage you to call us here at Rick’s Expert Tree Service today.

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