06 Sep
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Getting To The Root of Tree Problems

There are many circumstances that warrant tree services around Southampton, PA. From blizzards to thunderstorms, there always seems to be something tampering with your yard’s lifeforms.

Sometimes, to find the ‘root’ cause of a problem, you have to start at the bottom. Roots can cause many types of damage. First, they can become invasive and hazardous to people who walk by. They can split pavement and cause uneven ground. This is extra dangerous for bikes, strollers, skaters, and joggers.

Secondly, roots can grow up against underground structures such as pipelines. This could cause severe damage and catastrophic consequences if a pipe were to break. If you suspect sewer infringement, contact a plumbing expert immediately.

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Now that we touched on some problems caused by the roots; let’s work our way up the tree to the trunk. Tree trunks that become ill can also result in disaster. As the bark erodes, the foundation of the tree weakens. As the tree encounters more and more storms (and wind), it’s only a matter of time before it comes unstable. This is a huge concern because weak trees are likely to fall, and no lumberjack will be waiting to warn you with a cordial “TIIIMMMMMMBBBERRR!”

Fallen trees can hit electric lines, houses, cars, and people. Nip this problem in the bud by calling us. Rick’s Expert Tree Services has been offering Levittown, PA, tree services (including tree trimming and stump grinding) for years. We handle the dirty [and dangerous] work so you don’t have to. We provide professional, affordable tree trimming across Bucks County, PA, year round.

Ok… so let’s say a tree already fell. You overlooked the warning signs, but luckily everybody is okay. It happens. Now what? Nice try… but, you can’t STUMP us that easily.

This is where our stump grinding experts step in. It takes the Experts at Rick’s (the original Rick’s) to make this job look easy. We swiftly remove the tree and then grind the stump down to your preferences to make sure it is safe and not in the way.  We clean up after ourselves as if we were never there.

Now that you know some warning signs and causes of tree-related hazards – do a quick walkthrough of your yard, and if something looks a bit off; let us know! We are here to help!

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