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07 Nov
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Get Stumped – Tree Trivia from Rick’s Expert Tree Service

Late October is reserved for creative costumes, candy, tricks and treats. This blog will come in the form of a trick and a treat: a (fun) quiz!

Costumes are optional while taking part in our first edition of “Get Stumped.”

Let’s get started …

  1. How many leaves does it take to grow a big, Delicious apple?

a.) 25

b.) 50

c.) 100

  1. What is the minimum soil temperature required to allow for root growth?

a.) 32° F
b.) 23° F

c.) 10° F

  1. Which of the following do not grow on trees?

a.) mangos

b.) macadamias

c.) money

  1.  From what tree do we harvest some of the densest, darkest black wood?

a.) Black Cherry Tree

b.) Black Walnut Tree

c.) India Ebony Tree

  1. Which tree bears acorns?

a.) Pine Tree

b.) Oak Tree

c.) Redwood Tree

— [BONUS FUN FACT – Rick’s Expert Tree Service handles tree removal services for any kind of tree in Richboro, PA.] —

  1. True or False: Trees first appeared on Earth long before the dinosaurs did – about 400 million years ago.
  1. Trees produce ____ and reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

a.) Nitrogen

b.) Helium

c.) Oxygen

  1. About ___ of the United States is covered by forests.

a.) 15%

b.) 33%

c.) 50%

  1. True or false: A tree is a plant.
  1. What is the name of the tree that stars in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy?

a.) Star-Lord

b.) Woody

c.) Groot

Ten questions seems like a fair way to start. How do you think you did? Were you surprised by the amount of fun facts there are about trees, roots, and forests?

Grading Scale (scroll down for a list of the correct answers):

0-4 Correct Answers – Back To The Drawing Board (which is made of wood)

5-7 Correct Answers – Worthy Of Celebration.

8-9 Correct Answers – Very, Very, Very Impressive!

10 Correct Answers – Certified 5-Star Tree Genius!!


1 – B

2 – A

3 – C

4 – C

5 – B

6 – True

7 – C

8 – B

9 – True

10 – C

We hope you enjoyed this quiz. Stay tuned for more “Get Stumped” Tree Trivia in the near future. In the meantime, call 215-785-2168 if you need stump grinding or tree removal in the Philadelphia, PA, area!

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