03 Feb
  • Amanda Logan
Best Time of Year to Remove Your Tree

Removing a tree is never an easy decision and can be heartbreaking at times, but sometimes it is a necessary, important decision to protect your home and property, or maybe you just want to remove it for an upcoming home or property project. If you have a tree that has broken limbs, leaves missing in the summer months, or one that is starting to lean or uproot, then the best time to call will ALWAYS be as soon as possible. You’ll want to have the tree assessed and removed before it becomes a bigger, more expensive issue. For the purpose of this blog, lets talk about the general best time to remove your trees.


Yes, tree removal in Bucks County can be completed in winter, as well as trimming and pruning. During the winter months in Lower Bucks, trees are dormant. During their dormant season, trees are leafless which makes handling the trees easier to work with, generally less disturbance to the surrounding landscape due to frozen grounds and no leaves, and less mess to clean up after the work is complete. When the canopy is bare, it makes it easier to see broken limbs, limbs that do not have any buds on them, and structural cracks or issues that could potentially be overlooked when the canopy is full of leaves.

If you decide to have your tree cut down and the stump ground out, having your tree removed in winter or early spring allows the ground where the stump was ground out to have time to settle. The optimal time to grow grass in our area will always be spring and early summer. Taking advantage of the soil warming and the rain in spring helps your grass seed flourish and less watering on your part! So having the tree removal completed during or before mid summer is always an advantage for having grass grow sooner than later. People also tend to want to sell their homes after winter and the holiday season has ended. Removing the dangerous trees will help in a home sale or to perfect your curb appeal or landscape before listing.

Want to know another secret, tree companies are usually less busy during the winter months. Lets face it, people think people don’t work outside in the cold or they don’t want to have work completed during the holiday season. Spring, Summer, and Fall can all be crazy busy seasons for tree removal companies in Bucks County. So take advantage of the less busy time of year, call The Original Rick’s Tree Service of Bucks County to have one of our trained arborists out to assess your trees and give you a free quote. Accepting a quote during winter will ensure your work is completed sooner.

Have you heard the saying, March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb. That has proven to be true in Bucks County and Philadelphia time and time again. Don’t wait to call for your free quote on tree removal and pruning services. Get those dead, dying, and dangerous trees removed before the storms hit and cause a bigger issue. When big storms hit, we usually have to postpone regular work to take care of emergency tree removals throughout Bucks County and the surrounding areas.

Don’t waste time! Call us today for your free quote. Get those trees removed now before a dangerous situation occurs. You’ll want your property ready for spring and summer landscape and garden maintenance so you can enjoy the sun and have fun without having to worry about your trees. Remember no payment or deposit until your job is complete. Also, always make sure you choose a tree service that is fully insured and licensed. Tree service insurance is different from just general landscaping insurance. 

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