21 Mar
  • jodiehorger
5 Measures to Take Before a Storm: Protect Your Trees


In Bucks County, PA, we experience the full spectrum of all four seasons. We see heavy rainfalls, thunder and lightening, snow, ice, blizzards, strong and light winds, and blisteringly hot, sunny days. Our area has beautiful natural scenery that truly adds to the look and atmosphere of living here. Unfortunately, those tall trees can’t always stand up to the challenges that spring, summer, fall, and winter bring.
We’ve all seen trees which were damaged by the weather. Trees split, fall, become damaged, or uproot. They can fall on homes, cars, fences, electrical wires, and other property. Dealing with a fallen or damaged tree can be difficult or dangerous. The weight of the tree or limb can cause more damage if not taken care of as soon as possible.

The best way to try to prevent damage to your trees is to take preventative measures before a storm hits.

Some of these include:

1) Planting native, strong trees to your area
3) Consulting with an arborist
2) Annual pruning by a trained professional
4) Removal of hazardous trees or branches
5) Keeping crotches in your tree clear of dirt and leafs

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