12 Nov
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It’s Fall: What Stage will I currently see the Spotted Lanternfly in?

Now that the community of Lower Bucks County has seen Spotted Lanternflies first hand, we hope you are all wondering what you can do to help. Spotted Lanternflies are a destructive, invasive species. Even though they do not bite or sting humans and animals, we must try to kill them because they are a huge threat to Pennsylvania’s agriculture (hops, timber, fruit trees, grapes, etc).


  • Eggs: Late September-May
  • Nymphs: Late April-Mid October
  • Adults: Late July-Mid December

Tis the Season:

The Spotted Lanternfly lays her eggs from September through December. The eggs will hatch between May and June, making nymphs and adults visible late April through December. Each egg mass contains 30-50 eggs that are covered and protected in a mud like covering. Now is the time of year to search for these egg masses and destroy them, along with any adults you may see. Spotted Lanterflies will lay their eggs on any hard surface including trees, cement blocks, cars, rusty surfaces, decks, rocks, etc.

Steps to destroying Egg Masses:

1) Locate an Egg Mass

2) Use a plastic scraper or putty knife to scrap eggs into a bag or container

3) Pour isopropyl alcohol or hand sanitizer into the bag and discard

4) Eggs can also be squished or burned before discarding

At Home Management:

  • Destroy Egg Masses: Late Sept.-May
  • Sticky Bands on Trees to Capture Adults/Nymphs: May-Early Nov.
  • Registered Insecticides by Professional: Mid May-Mid Nov.
  • Remove Tree of Heaven
  • Kill any adults, nymphs, or egg masses that you see
  • Check vehicles and objects before driving to prevent transporting