11 Dec
  • Amanda Logan
Christmas Tree Picking

As Christmas approaches, our schedules get busier. I’m sure your to-do list is loading up quicker than you can check the items off. Between baking, buying gifts, decorating, wrapping presents, and more, “purchase a Christmas tree” is on the list (unless you’ve gone to the dark side and opted for an artificial one).

Let’s talk about some of the differences in trees you may see at the Christmas tree lots.

Needles: Our best recommendation when it comes to any tree is run your hand down the branch to make sure a whole bunch of needles do not fall off. This is a sign that your tree is already drying out and will only lose more needles as you wrangle it into the house and decorate. Also, make sure there’s no browning needles or large bald spots as this is also a sign of an unhealthy tree or not freshly cut. 

Different conifers will have different needle shape, length, and texture. If you’re looking for a tree with soft needles, you’ll want to look at mainly fir trees, and some pines. Spruce trees all have sharp needles, as do some pines: perfect for deterring pets or children.

 Branches: If you’re looking for trees with strong branches to hold your beautiful, heavy ornaments take a look at the Noble or Fraser Firs, the Blue Spruce, or the Scotch Pine. If heavy ornaments aren’t an issue, look at the Balsam Fir or White Pine.

Fragrance:  Do you like to walk into your home around the holidays and instantly get hit in the face with the smell of your christmas tree? I know I do! It’s one of the main reasons I could never go for the artificial choice. The Farmer’s Almanac ranks the Balsam Fir as the most fragrant Christmas tree choice, while the Eastern Whie Pine doesn’t have a strong scent at all. Check out the Concolor Firs, also known as White Fir, if you’d like a more citrusy smell.

Size: ALWAYS know how tall your ceilings are in the room you want to place the tree. Remember to account for the stand and tree topper as well. Trees will have tags that state the size or the tree, but it’s always a great idea to bring your own tape measure to confirm. If you’ve found the perfect tree but it’s just a bit too tall, ask them to cut some off the bottom of the tree. No matter the size, they should always cut a little sliver off the bottom for a fresh cut to allow the tree to drink better once you get it home.

Let us know if you have any other tips or tricks for the christmas tree lot or Christmas Trees in general. Don’t forget, there are also many Christmas Tree farms in and around Bucks County, PA that you can go to purchase a fresh cut tree. Another great option is buying a dug up tree that you can plant in the spring! Regardless of the tree you chose, we hope you have a very Merry Christmas this year!